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Abstract Guidelines

Oral Presentations

7 minutes to present & 3 minutes for discussion

Poster Presentations

A1 size in Landscape format 
Required dimensions are listed in the rectangle.
(841x 594 mm or 33.1 x 23.4 in)

No other size, orientation or format will be accepted.

A copy of the Abstract Template can be downloaded by clicking on the button

Please note - Important information

Guidance Notes for the preparation of Abstracts - please also refer to the Timeline for Abstract submission process at the bottom of the page

Papers are invited from all individuals associated with burn injury, members of the BBA as well as non members. Abstracts are accepted on a wide range of topics. An abstract must be submitted to the Selection Committee as a standard format before the deadline (please read the details below carefully).

All Conflict of Interest or Financial Support from any Funding Body must be declared within the online abstract submission form as requested.

Every abstract will be rated according to the following criteria: -
· Does the research/project have a genuine impact on the burn patient?
· Does the abstract expound the purpose, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion?
· Does the abstract add to the burn knowledge base?
· The relevance to conference themes?

The anonymised abstracts will be reviewed by the BBA executive committee and scored out of 5 against the criteria to get a maximum total score out of 20.

The executive committee member’s scores for each abstract are then added up and averaged.

The top scoring abstracts are then selected.

The numbers selected will vary depending on the time available in the programme.

The executive members score for their own abstracts or colleagues in their own work place are not included in the average score.

To protect patient confidentiality, there should be no identifiable patient information 

Only PDF submissions received by the deadline: 17.00 hrs - 23 April 2019 , will be included in the adjudication for the Poster Prizes.

Preparation of the Abstract

a) Ensure that the abstract is typed in black ink, in block type (not italics). The Abstract should be checked carefully for errors, avoiding smudges,misspellings, poor hyphenations, skipped lines, typed in margins, incorrect abbreviations.

b) The entire abstract should be typed single spaced in no less than size 10 font and no more than 500 words, within the rectangle on the abstract  template form.

c) Authors information including title, author(s), affiliation, location and text, should be inserted in the appropriate field in the online abstract submission form. Please do not include any reference to authors or their place of work within the body of the Abstract as this will lead to the Abstract being rejected. Please Note: Authors are requested to confine themselves to 2 main affiliations. (for example one hospital and one academic institution, or 2 hospitals). For the purposes of content of the abstract book we reserve the right to edit Abstracts from multi centre studies which need to list more in order to fit Abstracts on to one page.

d) The First Author listed on the Abstract Submission is assumed to be the abstract presenter but any one named author can register and present. 
e) The First Author is therefore the person that will be requested to register for the BBA Meeting if an abstract is accepted.

Abstracts cannot be changed following the closing date for abstract submission.
Where a paper cannot be presented without a change to its content / authorship, a charge of £25.00 will apply for any changes made to abstracts after the deadline for submission and before the preparation of the printed book - 17.00hrs on Friday 1 March 2019.
This charge will be payable by the author directly to Convenus for the administration costs of such change.

The text of the abstract should be organised as follows:

a) The abstract should be divided into the following headings: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusions.
b) One or two sentences describing the purpose of the study. Abstracts without objective or purpose will be rejected.
c) A statement of the method used to obtain data/information. This is relevant for all presentations whether they report laboratory/clinical experimental studies, descriptive studies or case studies.
d) A summary of the results obtained. This should include the number of patients, animals, subjects, samples and controls (where appropriate) studied. For case studies the number of patients should also be given. Simple tables may be included. A small graph is allowed, large graphs are not acceptable. It is unacceptable to state “The results will be discussed or other data will be presented”.
e) The author should provide information about the conclusions reached as a result of the study/investigation.
f) References may be included at the author's discretion but are not obligatory
g) Please declare any conflict of interest or support from a Funding body in your submission.

Authors who submit abstracts that fail to meet the requirements for submission or do not use the Abstract Template will be disqualified and the abstract will be rejected.

Timeline for Abstract Submission process

Important dates for your diary.
  • 12.00 noon -  2 January 2019

    1. Abstract submission deadline

  • 1 February 2019

    2. Presenters advised of outcome of adjudication & inclusion in programme

  • w/c 28th January 2019

    3. Confirmation of Presentation schedule 

  • 1 March 2019 - 17.00 hrs

    4. Deadline for Registration of Presenting Author

  • 23 April 2019 - 17.00 hrs

    5. Deadline for submission of PDF version of posters