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About Us

Convenus LLP  uses a modern, user friendly hotel reservation interface for the travel industry providing a cost effective, secure & fully functional technology solution to develop & increase guest experience & increase service provisions. 

We provide a very high level of security throughout our hosting provider servers for stored data utilising Amazon AES encrypted servers and we are ICO registered for Data Protection . All data including reports are backed up post event, after removing sensitive data such as credit card details and the originals deleted from our servers. No confidential client data is therefore retained by us in a physical location but is instead stored digitally.

This specialist allocation solution was created to meet client demand for a cost effective, online system by Convenus LLP, an established & experienced Professional Conference Organiser, founded in 1998.

Our platform has been specifically designed to include the best of modern technology together with the actual experience of group hotel booking requirements & is available as a fully serviced option or as a licensed platform for event professionals to manage their own bookings.

This combined with our own experience of market solutions has enable us to develop this platform which is now providing a full agency service for Destinations, Convention Bureaus, Conference Organisers & meeting professional in the UK & much further afield including Europe, Hong Kong and Brazil.

All support is provided in the UK by a team who are actually using the platform on a day to day basis. The system is hosted on UK based Cloud Servers, providing the utmost security & speed and includes:

- People
- Live Chat
- Online Support Ticket with trackable progress
- Telephone - dedicated support line
- Email - dedicated email

Our platform is in use with a wide variety of clients from Convention Bureaus to individual event professionals & Associations.

Due to very nature of the platform design, we have tried to incorprate a wide range of design options but are always willing to discuss specific requests with our clients.

Convenus LLP holds ICO (Data Protection), TIDS Membership and is an HBAA Member.